James F. Mahoney, Attorney

Government regulators have you in their sights.

Astrigh Truck Risk can help.


How secure do you feel knowing your owner-operators won't be determined to be employees by a state or federal agency, or by your insurance company?

Don't be. There are varying levels of proof necessary for state, federal agencies and insurance carriers. Any one of these entities can ruin your day. There are ways to help safeguard your business.

Did You Know?

There are 5 things Claimants want from a lawsuit
(and it’s more than just your money!)

The desire to be heard

An acknowledgement and apology

The desire to be treated fairly

The desire to know facts


What's the one problem likely to cause a trucking company further regulatory scrutiny?

A missing mud flap or bad bulb will increase your ISS scores and heighten your visibility, which may lead to violations in other BASICs.

If you deliver expensive cargo and are blamed for the damage, is it better for you if it originated overseas?

Very likely, especially if you can prove it moved on a through Bill of Lading.


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